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About Multiculture North-Holland

Orhan Imac is a Dutch-born to Turkish parents. Raised in Alkmaar, he was able to meet individuals from different backgrounds while growing up. He was able to hear their stories and understood their challenges migrating in a foreign land. 

He knew, even then, that these things have to be dealt with proactively. Since the minority support groups in North Holland seemed to be scarce or less-known in the country, he decided to create a website were it features all organizations and activities catering to these minorities. 

The Multiculture North-Holland website exists for this matter. It has become a go-to source for the minorities in the country, where they can easily access different groups and organizations that likely fits their lifestyle, interests, and passion. 

Leaders of organizations, on the other hand, can conveniently raise awareness of their projects, activities, and platforms. With the advancement of technology, they can even widen their scope and draw more attention to many other minority groups in the region. Likewise, it improves their chances of finding more patrons and benefactors for their organizations.

Whether you are a migrant coming from a different background or an organizer of events and activities for these minorities, we welcome you to take advantage of our website — Get as many information as you can on a particular organization. Know your rights and benefits. Receive training and other important seminars to your personal growth and development. 

All these exciting perks and more are yours for free. You can register your site with us so we can advertise your page accordingly. Registering is also ideal for individuals who want to receive the latest news and scoops about our program and other interesting activities.

Should you have any concerns, please call us.