1: How to register your organization on the website?

Registration via this site is possible.

This site is intended for both migrants and their organizations, and anyone looking for migrant organizations. The search function gives you access to all addresses and descriptions of migrant organizations in North Holland who have registered for this site.

You will find data from training courses with which your organization can strengthen itself. We also showcase examples of successful projects. You can also download our manual for migrant organizations. It is free of charge.

To register, kindly fill out the online form. Please make sure to input the right information about you or your organization. We will verify it shortly and send you a link directly to your email to know that you’ve successfully completed the registration process.

2: What can organizations benefit from the Multiculture North-Holland website?

As the community of visitors in our website is growing, we become more capable of helping organizations raise their voice to the society, know more individuals who can benefit from their program, and make their platforms be recognizable across a wide scope of target groups.

This simplifies their brand awareness and recognition in Holland. By advertising your website on our website, you get the chance of reaching out to as many culturally diverse migrants in and across Holland. You can easily communicate with them. Likewise, they can easily find you and know your organization’s information before deciding to give it a go.

Multiculture North-Holland is also responsible for training and coaching uprising organizations. Individuals who also feel the need for creating a platform for the benefit and support of minorities may help understand the things they need to do to kick-start their philanthropic activities. We do this by hosting training, seminar, and coaching services. 

Through our insightful guide, you can improve your operations and realize your goals fruitfully. You can understand and avoid the common mistakes involved in organizing a beneficial event for specialized groups. You’ll know how to handle your funds, where to seek resources, and what it takes to create lasting and successful advocacy.

3: What does a minority get from registering with the website?

The minorities and multicultured migrants in North Holland are the heart of our service. Their support and comfort are the ends of our means. That’s why all our services and featured institutions are catered to their satisfaction. 

Being a minority has tons of challenges and transitions to go through. We understand that; we understand you. We continue to seek better reforms for our foreign migrants like you so you can feel at home and at ease of living in the country.

Some of our successful integrations involve exposing you to a variety of available groups and organizations that can help. We are connected with different institutions whose goal is for the best of each minority in North Holland.

Our website becomes your easy access to any of these exciting perks, activities, training, and social functions. Here you can get all the information you need in case you want to join a group or an interesting platform.

4: What is the advocacy of Multiculture North-Holland?

Multiculture North-Holland carries out important advocacy work for the betterment and comfort of migrants and minorities. Our extensive network elaborates recommendations based on its activities on migrations-development-integration and citizenship relationship. 

Multiculture North-Holland has provided several positions and references to different groups and institutions offering a common vision of the network. We share feasible solutions on certain issues involving migration and minority disparities.

5: What does your training courses cover?

Would you like to know how you can write a fund to help you fund a specific project? Would you like tips for recruiting new board members if the old board members have been in their place for so long?

Then there is good news! A new manual has just been published, specifically aimed at self-organizations. The material covers various topics in four chapters:

Chapter 1: Vision and structure of the organization

Chapter 2: From idea to project

Chapter 3: Acquiring and managing money

Chapter 4: Importance of a good network

The material is very suitable for starting organizations, but organizations that have been around for longer can also benefit from it.

6: Where can I attend the training?

If you want to join our training program, please call us. We only cater to a limited number of participants per training, so it’s best to register and avail a slot earlier.

The whereabouts of our training are endorsed on our website. You can check the schedule and the setting before registering for the program. In case you need additional information not reflected on our site, you can talk with us directly.

For coaching assistance, our experts will be the one to schedule your one-on-one consultation or site visit. They will reach out to you shortly after successfully availing our coaching services. You can then begin asking questions on the spot and arrange a meeting at your convenience.